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Bar/Bat Mitzvah Events

Here is your bar/bat mitzvah home page. It shows each bar/bat mitzvah you are planning. You can plan more than one event, but you can only work on one of them at a time.

  • Add a new bar/bat mitzvah if you want to plan more than one celebration. Name the celebration – use your child’s name or let your imagination run free! You’ll have a few pages to fill out that summarize your basic plans for various events you want to host. Once you decide upon these events – such as a luncheon, kid’s party, family dinner, etc. - there will be automatic updates throughout your Organizer to reflect everything you are trying to plan.
  • Come back and use this page whenever you make changes or updates to the events you are planning.
  • Click on the bar/bat mitzvah you want to manage and you’re ready to plan away! (Make Active)
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Event Page Information Tabs

  • First things first; fill in basic information like event date and family members (not that you’re likely to forget such details, but we found families like having this page as part of a memory book for the occasion).
  • Planning pages (separate tabs) are provided to set up and manage as many as 5 different celebratory events and have key contact information easily accessible.  You can enter location name, address and contact information as well as notes for estimated number of guests for each event.
  • Information you provide here (guest numbers) will automatically update throughout your Organizer.
  • Click on the bar/bat mitzvah name to make updates or revisions to any of its event planning pages.
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Event Page Activity Tabs

Set up some basic information for each event you plan to host; or come back to edit it here.

  • Identify the event type.  Use our default names (e.g., luncheon, kids’ party, etc.) or create your own descriptive label.  The label you choose will automatically be used on all related planning worksheets. 
  • Include estimated number of attendees (separate adults from children if you like) and tables. This information will be helpful as you calculate your budgets later (in vendor proposals, etc.).
  • Be sure to Save your work.
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My Account - General Information Tab

Here is a summary of your personal Mitzvah Organizer account.  You can edit your information using three tabs.

Tab #1:  General Information shows your contact information that was used to set up your Organizer account.   

  • You MUST Save what you enter.
  • Update your password (tab #2) or review payment history (tab #3)
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My Account - Change Password Tab

Tab #2:  Change Password:   Feel free to change your password at any time.

  • Remember to save your changes and click Cancel to return to your Site Overview.
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My Account - Payment History Tab

Tab #3:  Payment History

  • Your payments are recorded here.
  • Click Cancel and return to your Bar/Bat Mitzvah site overview.
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Guest Quick Entry

Start building your Guest list!  Collect the names and information for everyone you intend to include in your celebration.  Once you add it, the information automatically updates throughout your Organizer…how easy is that!

  • Select guest type to keep track of couples, families, etc.  Guest type family links a significant other and up to five children to a primary guest and use the same address and phone number.   (Note that Significant Others and Child types must be paired with a Primary Guest; they stay linked together throughout the Organizer.)
  • Guest type, first and last name are required.
  • You MUST Save the entry and then continue building your guest list – add away!

OR…Select “Additional Information” and find yourself on a Guest Edit Page where you can update or add more about each guest.

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Guest Full Entry - General Information Tab

This is your main dashboard for each guest.  Information entered here automatically populates all relevant worksheets.

  • The top of this page mirrors the Guest Quick Entry page and requires that you enter guest type, first and last name.
  • Indicate whether this guest is the primary/main guest for a family or another member.  Note that Significant Others and Child types must be paired with a Primary. If you click on a family member, they will show their primary connection on their Edit page.
  • “Gift only” is an option for those who give gifts but are not invited to any of your event activities.
  • Salutation and Suffix can be picked from a predefined format or typed free-form.
  • Indicate here which activities a guest is invited to; then you can confirm RSVPs and actual attendance.
  • Make note of hotel and bus accommodations as well as useful information to support any party favors.
  • Other Family/Group Members section lists all other guests linked to the Primary Guest. Click on each name to view/edit their details.
  • Add family members (Significant Others or a Child) at any time.
  • You MUST “Save” your latest updates before proceeding.
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Guest Full Entry - Table Assignment Tab

 Once a guest has RSVP’d, you can assign them to a table. (An alternative way to assign tables is from the Table Assignment worksheet.)

  • Table assignments can only be made for activities that the guest is planning to attend. 
  • Full tables will not accept additional guest assignments (count on us to let you know when a table is full)
  • Save your work. 
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Guest Full Entry - Gifts Tab

Make note of gifts received from each guest here.  (Or, you can enter gifts on the Gifts Worksheet.)

  • Check Gift Received box and then fill in appropriate gift information.  Add comments if you like.
  • Don’t forget the Thank You note.
  • Updates here are automatically added to the Gift worksheet and vice versa.
  • You MUST “Save” your latest updates before proceeding. 
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Invitation Insert List

Here you can create the content for any inserts you want to include in your invitations.  Each one can be sent to your printer.

  • Click "Add New" to create each invitation insert.  This will take you to a new page (Insert Edits).  There you select the insert you wish to create from a drop-drop list and enter your copy. You can select the same drop down label multiple times; on the Edit page you will be able to adjust labels with unique descriptions. 
  • On this page, Click on a specific insert name whenever you want to edit it (this will return you to the Insert Edit page).
  • Delete any inserts you don’t want; simply click on the “X”.
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Invitation Insert Entry

This page allows you to create and/or edit and update any insert.

  • “Insert Description” allows you to edit the insert name; a perfect solution if have another insert in mind not listed on our drop down menu.
  • Enter your copy; the formatting follows basic word document processing functions.

You can also print this information page.

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Invitation Worksheet

This worksheet lets you organize which invitations and specific inserts are for each guest.

  • Your entire guest list is shown here. 
  • You can add a guest at any time; click “Add New” and you will have a new Guest page where you can enter their information.
  • Click on any guest by name if you want to update or edit information about them
  • Invite guests to specific activities or choose “All”.  Also indicate whether you plan to mail an invitation.
  • Check off various inserts to be included with each invitation or click "All" for all inserts.
  • Select one of the predefined guest name formats to appear on the invitation envelopes; or choose “Custom” and type in your own.
  • Use the “Copy” button next to a primary guest to copy invitation information for everyone in their family/group.  Or, make individual notes if family members are invited to different events or will receive separate invitations.
  • Changes are automatically saved here.
  • Several reports are available to help you track invitation lists and perfect to share with your invitation vendor.  Just click the “Reports” button to see your options.
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RSVP Worksheet

Here you can keep track of all guest responses in one easy worksheet.  Information entered here automatically updates your master guest page and vice versa…a great time saver!

  • You can invite guests form this worksheet.  Click to invite guests to each specific event. (Note:  If you already noted invitations to activities on a Guest Edit page, they will appear here).
  • RSVPs can only be entered after you indicate that a guest is invited to a specific event. RSVPs are tallied for you.  - You can even make note of actual attendance after the celebration is over; just click “Att”.
  • Use the “Copy” button next to primary guests to copy RSVP details for everyone in their family/group.
  • To correct an RSVP response, you can switch between Yes and No.  To delete an RSVP entered by mistake, remove the invite check next to guest name.  Then, select the correct response.
  • Use "Add New" to add a new Guest.
  • Your updates are saved automatically.
  • Several reports are available that show guest lists.  They’re great to share with your caterers or party planner.  Click on the “Reports” button to see your options.
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Hotel Worksheet

This worksheet makes it easy to keep track of guests who will need hotel arrangements. 

  • All guests who you have noted have RSVP’d will be shown here; if you indicated they need a hotel when you set up their guest page that is already indicated as well.
  • You can decide here/make note that a guest is staying at a hotel on this worksheet and it will update their Guest Information page. 
  • You may set up recommended hotel(s) as a vendor or merely just keep track of where guests stay.   Hotels set up as vendors will be included in a drop down of options for guest stays; you can also type in a hotel name. Once a hotel is selected for guest accommodations, it is retained in this Hotel drop down list. 
  • Use the “Gift Bag” option as needed and you’ll have a running tally of how many welcome bags you want to provide.
  • Your changes and updates are automatically “Saved”.
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Bus Worksheet

Arrange for buses for each activity in this worksheet.

  • All guests who RSVP to each event are included; simply check the box for each event where a guest will use your arranged transportation.
  • The “Copy” button next to a primary guest lets you include the entire family group in one easy step.  Or, you can indicate transportation is just for individual family members.
  • Your work and any updates are automatically “Saved”.
  • You can print this worksheet, export to an excel spreadsheet, create a PDF or use our Report format to share with your bus captain.
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Gift Received Worksheet

Here you can easily keep track of gifts received and follow up to be sure that thank you notes are sent.

  • This gift worksheet is automatically updated with your entire guest list.  Gifts can be entered on this page or the guest’s page. 
  • Check the gift received box and fill in the gift information.
  • Use comments box for more details.   Be sure to note if a gift is from multiple guests.
  • If a gift comes from someone not on your guest list, just include them here by first adding them to your “Guest List”.  Click “Add New” and then fill in their information as a “Gift Only” guest; remember to include their address to make it easy to send a thank you. Hit “Save and Close” and you’ll return to the Gift Worksheet.
    • Add their gift.
  • Gift worksheets updates are automatically saved.
  • Use our Reports to stay on top of all gifts received, and even track the thank-you notes owed or sent.
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Import Guests from Excel®

You can easily import an existing guest list from an Excel® spreadsheet.

  • Make sure guest data in your spreadsheet starts at the very top row.  The first row may optionally contain field names. 
  • Step 1 - select your spreadsheet file and specify whether the first row contains field names.  Click Next.
  • Step 2 - map fields in your file to their corresponding Mitzvah Organizer fields by dragging the boxes from the top (source) section to the bottom (destination) section.  Be sure that any fields marked *Required* are mapped.  All other fields are optional.  Click Next.
  • Step 3 - classify your imported guests as either Primary Adults, Significant Others, Children (with Primary Adults), or Individual Children.
    • When specifying Significant Other or Child with Primary, a pop-up box will allow you to select the Primary Adult to be linked.
    • As you classify imported guests, they will disappear from the grid.
    • You may discard any records you do not wish to be imported.
  • When all guests have been classified, click Finish.
    • You can resume the classification at a later time by clicking Cancel.  To return to the unfinished classification screen at any time, select Import Guests under the Guests menu.
  • You may import multiple files, one at a time.  Just be mindful of creating duplicate records.
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Vendor List

Keep vendor plans together for all your planned events and activities.  Review different proposals and then keep track of your final vendor selections.   From this page, you can link to four work pages to recap specific vendor proposals.  On this page:

  • Click "Add New" to create a new vendor and then you can use our work pages to manage their proposals, etc.
  • Pick an existing vendor name any time to add or update specific notes and proposal information.
  • Any rating you decide to assign a vendor when you review them (you will see this on the References work page) will appear here.  Makes comparisons between vendors quick and easy. 
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Vendor Entry - General Information Tab

Organize your vendor information and proposals here.  This page allows editing/adding basic vendor information.

  • Vendor name is required; but it’s helpful to include more address and contact information so it’s handy.
  • You must also use the drop-down to designate a vendor by type/category.  This will help when you work with your budgets (you will be able to quickly review your budgets and vendors based on type what type of service is provided).
  • You MUST Save your work!  Then dive into the planning details.
  • Use the “Report” button and have easy access to a full contact list of vendors to take with you everywhere.
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Vendor Entry - Proposals Tab

Here it’s easy to keep careful notes on every vendor.  Once you finalize plans, your approved vendor proposals will be automatically included in your budget worksheet and ready for you to manage. 

  • Click "Add New Proposal" to enter new proposal information from a vendor.
  • Be sure to select the event the vendor will be working on (the drop down list will automatically include every event you set up on your Party Information planning page; any estimates for attendees, number of tables, etc. you may have listed are here, too).
  • Fill in important details about the fee structure and the costs will calculate for you (based on your party information) - no calculator needed!
  • Check off “Hired” when you accept a proposal.  All cost details, etc. will automatically be included in your Budget worksheet and you will be able to record your payments and maintain an updated Budget along the way.
  •  Once you hire a vendor, you will then be able to enter in payment description, select payment type (e.g., deposits, etc.) and flag payment dates and amounts.
  • Click Save and Insert to save your payment activity.
  • Now, keep planning away!
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Vendor Entry - References Tab

Keep track of vendor recommendations from friends; you may also want to follow up on references provided by a vendor – here it’s easy. 

  • All information is optional.
  • Even assign a rating to a vendor based on what you learn. This rating will appear on your Vendor list and can come in handy when you are trying to make final decisions about vendors to use.
  • Be sure to save these comments.
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Vendor Entry - Documents Tab

We make it easy for you to upload any vendor documents; how convenient to have them as part of your Organizer!

  • Click Browse to select a file to upload.
  • Enter a description of the file – name it to make it easy to review later.
  • Click "Save & Insert" to save the entry.  You can then upload another document.

Just “Delete” if you change your mind and no longer want the document included.

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The budget system is very powerful.  It helps you track all of your expenses by event, including what you are budgeting, what the vendors propose and what you actually pay.

This worksheet organizes expenses based on each event, but you can also review your budgets based on type of expense (e.g., you can look at all your florist bills together).   All "Proposed" and "Paid" amounts are derived from the Vendor "Proposals" tab. Only HIRED Proposals are used in calculations.

  • You have to create a budget category for each expense.  Click “Add New” to create a new budget category. You can assign different categories for each event.  This will take you to a vendor general information page where you can set up each vendor.
  • Use the “Find” box to search by category or vendor.  Remember, this budget summarizes expenses by each event, but you can also search to see a recap of similar expenses for an event or your entire bar/bat mitzvah celebration.
  • Click on the Category name for any budgeted expense item to make updates or changes.
  • Click on the Vendor name for any budgeted expense item to open that Vendor page; you can then make any updates to this vendor, its proposal, etc.
  • ALWAYS save your latest updates!
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Budget Category Entry

Here is where you will set up and manage your budget details.  You can update and edit as your plans are finalized. 

  • For each budgeted expense, you must indicate the event where it will be incurred.
  • You must also identify the type of expense (Category) it belongs to; this must match what you enter when you set up a vendor worksheet.
  • Add any notes about your budget or other details so you have them handy.
  • Be sure to save everything you are doing!
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Table List

These pages allow you to set up all of the tables for each event.  Here you will see all of the table arrangements organized by event so you see in a glance what you have put together.

  • Click “Add New” to set up a new table for any event.  This will take you to a new page (Table Add/Edit page) where you create and name each table and define its settings (including seating assignments and capacity, table numbers, and more).
  • Click on a table name if you want to edit or update its information.
  • Delete any table easily by clicking the “X”.
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Table Entry - General Information Tab

Create or edit your table plans and arrangements at any time here.

  • Select the event for which you are making table changes (additions or edits).
  • Table number and its seating capacity are required (J avoid any empty seats).
  • Use the comments section to make notes if you like.
  • Save and you’re ready to party…
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Table Entry - Guest Assignment Tab

Create or edit your table plans and arrangements at any time here.

  • Select the event for which you are making table changes (additions or edits).
  • Table number and its seating capacity are required (J avoid any empty seats).
  • Use the comments section to make notes if you like.
  • Save and you’re ready to party…
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Table Seating Assignment / Room Layout Worksheet

Play with your table assignments for each event.  You can even plan the room layout and share your ideas.

  • Select the event and its tables you want to plan.  You’ll then see a list of the unassigned guests who RSVP’d that they will attend as well as any table assignments you have already done.
  • Move an unassigned guest from the left panel to a table or move a guest from one table to another. You can also move a guest back to the unassigned guest list if you change your mind.
  • Move tables around the room and get a sense of the room layout.
  • Click “Add Table” to create more tables.  This will return you to the Table Add/Edit tab for guest assignment.  (When you set up the table, Save your work.  Click Cancel and return to this table seating worksheet.)
  • Updates and changes are saved automatically; so have fun playing with your arrangements
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Place Cards Worksheet

Use these worksheets to create the place cards you need for each event.  And, you can use our Reports function to print out lists to share with your calligrapher or party planner.

  • Check "Print Place Card" column for each guest who will require a place card (no need to check anyone who will be included on someone else’s card). Call it “Place Card Needed vs. Print Place Card
  • Use one of the predefined guest name formats for the place card or choose Custom and type in your own.
  • You can update information about a guest (just click on their name and return to their Guest Information page)
  • All updates are automatically saved.
  • You can print out place card lists for each activity; just click the “Report” button.
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Food Selection Worksheet

Use this worksheet to record food choices for each event.  Use the Reports function to print out lists to share with your caterer.

  • Select an event venue to start recording guest meal choices.
  • If the food selection drop-down is empty, please go back to edit your event venues and add the food choices there, separated by commas.
  • You can either select the food choice from the drop down or type in your own.
  • Use the Comment field to record any special requests, restrictions, or food allergies.
  • All updates are automatically saved.
  • You can print out food lists for each activity; just click the “Reports” button.
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Candle Lighting Worksheet

Plan all the details of this special ceremony here – including participating guests and their entry songs.  You can even add more than 13 candles if you wish.

  • For each candle, use the drop down (labeled 1-13) or type in your own candle label.
  • Find a guest by typing a few letters of their name or just type in the name yourself. 
  • To assign multiple guests to the same candle; type all of their names or create multiple entries for the same candle.
  • Reorder candle sequence using the blue arrows.
  • Be sure to “Save” each candle entry before adding the next candle.
  • You can print this worksheet, export to an excel spreadsheet, create a PDF or use our Report format.  Perfect to share with your party planner or MC for a party.
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Song List Worksheet

Create your song list for special entrances, dances and more…and have it ready to share.

  • Choose from our preselected list of song entrances or type in your name description.
  • Fill in the song name and participating guests.  There’s even room for notes.
  • Use the blue arrows to reorder song sequence.
  • You MUST “Save” each song entry. 
  • Click the “Report” button and print out a report to give to your party planner or MC for the ceremony.
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Favor Definition List

Here you can maintain a list of all of the favors you plan to use for your bar/bat mitzvah.  Organize them by each event and you’ll find it easy to have everything at the right place at the right time.   

  • Click “Add New” to set up each favor and identify the event where it will be distributed. This will take you to a Favor information tab where you can describe the favor.
  • Once you set up a favor, come back to this page and select that Favor by name to make updates, changes or even delete it (use the “X” to delete).
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Favor Definition Entry

Define the specifics for each favor here.  Update and edit whenever you please.

  • Each favor must include a description and the activity where it will be distributed.
  • Make note of any size and gender options as appropriate or use the Yellow Notes icon to add other relevant details.
  • Be sure to save your work.
  • Click Cancel to return to the Favors Recap page.
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Favor List Worksheet

Here’s where you can identify which guests are to receive favors at each specific activity.   Select an activity and see the list of guests who have RSVP’d to attend.

  • Check the box for each guest who will receive a favor or select “Mark All” to include everyone.
  • Indicate the Gender and Size choices if appropriate (Note: If you already indicated favor size or gender information on the guest information page, it’s already here for you.)
  • Click on a guest name if you want to update any information about them (you return to their guest information page)
  • Your updates to the worksheet for each favor (at each activity) are automatically saved.
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Ceremony Honors Worksheet

Put together your list of honors and you’ll have it ready to share with your clergy – you can even include personal names, Hebrew names and tips for proper pronunciation.

  • Work with our pre-selected list of the most popular honors or just type in your own. 
  • Honors can only be assigned to someone on your guest list.  To assign an honor, scroll through your guest list or start typing in a few letters of a guest’s last name.
  • Re-order the sequence of honors at any time using the blue up/down arrows.  To delete an honor, just click the “X” on the far right side.
  • You MUST “Save” your updates!
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Here are over two dozen reports that experience tells us are most useful.  Each one updates automatically as you develop your plans.  Just select the report you want; choose the format that works best for you (either a browser or PDF) and you’re ready to save or print. 

  • Cancel brings you back to your Organizer home page.
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Here you can print labels for Invitations, Favors, Place Cards, and Thank Yous.   

  • Select a label manufacturer and the specific label number.  Label details and dimensions will appear.
  • Choose to print all labels or specific ones.  For specific, select the individual guests to print labels for them.
  • Select the font style and size.  The actual size preview will change accordingly.  Please make sure the information will fit on the labels in the preview given the specific label dimensions and font.
  • Choose the Print Direction - either across then down, or down then accross.
  • If you have a partially used sheet of labels, you can start printing on the first available label by clicking the corresponding cell in the Page Layout preview.  The layout changes to show how the first page of labels will print.  This works together with Print Direction.
  • When ready, click the "Create PDF" button.  A PDF file will be generated and can be printed.  Please note: when printing, make sure to set "Page Scaling" to "NONE" in the Print Dialog in order to preserve correct label line-up.
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Here you can print envelopes for Invitations and Thank Yous.   

  • Specify the unit of measure - inches or millimeters.
  • Measure your envelope and enter the width and height.  The preview will resize to match.
  • If applicable, select "Print return address".  The return address becomes visible.  You may change it if you wish.
  • Choose to print all envelopes or specific ones.  For specific, select the individual guests to print envelopes for them.
  • Select the font style and size.  The actual size preview will change accordingly.  Please make sure the information will fit on the envelopes in the preview given the specific dimensions and font.
  • When ready, click the "Create PDF" button.  A PDF file will be generated and can be printed.  Please note: when printing, make sure to set "Page Scaling" to "NONE" in the Print Dialog in order to preserve correct line-up.  Also, make sure to consult your printer documentation for correct envelope printing setup - paper tray, orientation, etc.
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Find all your tickler notes neatly organized here for you so you can keep track of every little detail with ease.

  • Whenever you use the Yellow Notes icon throughout your Mitzvah Organizer, the notes and follow-up dates you set up appear here.
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